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I get it, you can't ask admit out loud that you're struggling with your finances because your family would judge and shame you. 

And if you share that you're doing well, everyone feels entitled to a piece of your success. 

Quiet wealth building - this is a safe space to learn how to manage your money as a daughter of immigrants, grow your bank accounts and financial confidence. 

Money coaching for women of colour

For the soft-spoken daughter who’s scared to put herself first and the headstrong eldest daughter who appears to have her finances together but is, in reality, suffering and needs support. 

My client's saved $367,000+ in 2023

I am an Accredited Financial Counselor - Canada®, a certified Trauma of Money Facilitator, and Millennial Money Coach that's worked with over 120 client's 1:1 with their finances. 

By the age of 30 I've:
  • Saved over $200,000
  • Paid $40,000 in cash for my wedding (Indian wedding's aren't cheap!)
  • Contributed $100,000 to the down payment on our home
  • Invested $100,000 between my TFSA & RRSP

My purpose is to be the money mentor for YOU that I didn't have access to growing up who. A woman of color who understands what it's like to have a nuanced relationship with money as a daughter of immigrants.

Your new money coach. 

Hey, I'm Parween

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"Working with Parween was the best investment I could have made for myself. I saved up $6000 for my emergency fund and paid off $1000 of my credit card (without racking it back up again!). While it has been nice seeing my savings grow and debt shrink, I think the most important and valuable thing I learned was that I was deserving of stability and financial freedom, and putting myself first."
- Amrit

$7000 increase in Amrit's net worth!



"I paid off about $3,000 in credit card debt while building about $7,000 in various savings accounts. I have a more structured approach to shopping that allows me to indulge while avoiding purchases that I might regret.

I loved working with Parween, she's personable and flexible which was so helpful as a nurse with an inconsistent work schedule. Her guidance and support are exactly what I needed shortly after beginning my career."



"Working with Parween is the best investment and financial decision I have made in my life so far. I was scared and not confident in facing my money trauma. Parween’s comprehensive approach helped me achieve emotional and financial success in three months which would have taken me much longer to overcome on my own. I think this is because she has experienced, and consistently lives what she teaches. I really appreciated her non-judgemental perspective, especially when I had slip-ups where I overspent, Parween was there to guide and support me all the way!   

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