You're living paycheque to paycheque because you don't have a clear plan to manage your money.

Or, you're living at home with minimal expenses but still can't seem to save your money or pay off your debt. 

You find it hard to find a balance between spending money on necessities (like saving for an emergency fund) versus the little luxuries to enjoy your life (new clothes, yummy take out food, or a trip to Winners/HomeSense).  

And every time you try to make a budget you get so overwhelmed and frustrated that the numbers don’t make sense you give up. 

Sound familiar?

"I don't know what to do with my money..."

Just read the results of the 120+ client's who have worked with me 1:1.

You don't have to do this alone anymore. 

You don't have to repeat the same struggle each month of wondering "what happened to my money?"

You don't have to ask yourself "but where do I start" because I'll be guiding you.

I create the plan, you implement. 

How to balance spending and saving on yourself vs. helping your family (or balancing between debt and savings)

Building TRUST within yourself that you can manage your money well and shifting you away from this narrative that you're "bad" with money.

Improving your impulse spending habits and learning how to spend intentionally WHILE achieving your financial goals

Helping you STICK to a new budgeting system that  ACTUALLY works (you won't find me teaching the 50-30-20 rule, or having you download another budgeting app)

Creating a sustainable plan to pay off your debt (because you throwing random amounts to your debt only to re-spend it is a cycle we're breaking you out of)

A clear plan every time you're paid on where EXACTLY your money has to go 

My favourite thing is to get my hands on your finances and fix everything that's holding you back from saving more money, spending without guilt, paying off that debt and starting to invest.

Together, we work hand-in-hand to tackle a variety of issues that you're facing like:

Getting out of the cycle of restrictive budgeting > binge spending because you feel like it's all or nothing when it comes to how to manage your money

Reducing your fear of money and money anxiety (this is why we need a culturally-aware and trauma-aware approach to your finances



What we cover:
  • Financial audit of ALL of your numbers (income, expenses, and more importantly your spending) and areas of improvement
  • A clear outline of which financial goals you need to be focusing on and how much to allocate to each goal (balancing your savings, debt repayment (if applicable) and investing goals) 
  • Impulse spending + emotional spending tools and techniques 
  • How to improve your money behaviours and money habits through comprehensive money trauma and nervous system trainings (so that you stop avoiding your money,  overspending, or restrictive budgeting)
  • Tactics to manage cultural money challenges as a daughter of immigrants and the impact on your relationship with money
  • Done for you debt repayment strategy, how to start investing education and bank account audits (+MORE)


What you get: 
  • 1 x coaching call per month (first call is for 90 minutes, 2 x 60 minute calls)
  • A detailed paycheck by paycheck budgeting plan that's DONE-FOR-YOU 
  • Financial goals roadmap that balances prioritizing your short term goals (like saving for an emergency fund) vs. longer term goals (investing, saving for parent's retirement, saving for a down payment etc.)
  • A debt payoff schedule that outlines exact monthly payments so that you can keep track separately (if you have debt)
  • Weekly check-ins to hold you accountable via email 
  • 10 weeks of video training modules + homework between coaching calls (remember, I complete your plan FOR YOU, the purpose of the videos are to be supplementary trainings to enhance your personal finance knowledge!)
  • Access to my full budgeting spreadsheet bundle (including a net worth tracker, spending tracker + MORE)
  • PDF guidebooks + journaling reflection prompts 



Stephanie increased her net worth by $34,000!

"Parween is the wise financial friend who actually sits down with you and helps you make sense of, and take back control of your financial life. I only wish I'd met her sooner!

 Parween took the guesswork out of where to begin and created a custom plan to take back control of my future. I've paid off $21,500 of debt and saved $13,000 in the 12 months since I finished my time with her. 

I will be working with Parween indefinitely, whenever I need support, advice, or coaching around my money. She is super smart and helps you create a financial plan that is feasible and works with your lifestyle. At 45, I finally feel like I know where I'm headed in terms of my finances - and I have Parween to thank for that!" 


"Parween's the real deal" 

"Parween is not only genuine but also incredibly supportive - she made me feel safe talking about my financial struggles. 

Her cultural sensitivity, recognizing my family responsibilities, was invaluable. I now have a clear plan to achieve my financial goals without sacrificing my well-being.

Thanks to her, I've managed to save $5,000 and pay off $1900 of debt. Even after a recent trip to New York, I remain debt-free.

Parween has taught me that improving my financial situation doesn't mean deprivation but, rather, making mindful spending choices. I wholeheartedly recommend Parween to anyone seeking not only financial guidance but also personal growth. She's the real deal."

client wins

"I’m grateful for everything I learned and having someone who supported me in so many different ways. Parween was so warm and friendly and I could tell she cared for me and was proud of my growth.

I've saved just over $8000, including funds for my trip to Greece!

After leaving grad school and being poor for so long I was revenge spending (a term Parween taught me!) but she never shamed me for my spending habits, just helped me redirect and I feel like as women particularly women of color we are so often told we are wrong and need to do better and that was never the vibe I got here and I’m so thankful.

 I appreciate that Parween has helped my anxiety around money so much! Thanks so much Parween!"


Sherin has saved $8000!

- Chan.

$20,000 increase in chan.'s net worth in 18 months

"The most amazing result for me was just peace and calmness - knowing that I had savings for any occurrences in my life was comforting. The plan to have my debt paid off in a certain time frame was amazing (update: she's paid off $14,000 of debt!)

I've saved $6200 and multiple savings buckets (which I did not think was possible). 

I loved working with Parween, she's personable and flexible which was so helpful as a nurse with an inconsistent work schedule. Her guidance and support are exactly what I needed shortly after beginning my career."

- gurleen

from paycheck to paycheck to saving $1200/month

"Over the 3 months, Parween taught me how to still enjoy spending my money without any sort of guilt. Before the program, when I used to think of a budget, I thought "no thanks" but with Parween's financial planning, I was able to put aside $3600 into an emergency fund, pet fund and travel fund for myself.

 I no longer feel the need to go into debt in order to find money because the money was there all along but now I've learned how to manage it. I was also able to negotiate a raise, which is something I've never done before. Thank you Parween!"

Your new money coach.

Wassup, I'm parween

I understand what it’s like to grow up in an environment where talking about money was as shameful as having a secret boyfriend.

I wish I had a money mentor who could relate my experience of being a first/second generation daughter and how that impacted my ability to save, pay off debt and invest. 

So - I became that money mentor. 

By the age of 30 I've:
  • Saved $100,000 twice (once at 26, and again by 28) 
  • Paid $40,000 in cash for my Indian wedding 
  • Contributed $100,000 to the down payment on our home
  • Invested $100,000 between my TFSA and RRSP 

And I want to help YOU grow your bank account too. 


kiren increased her net worth by $21,000 in 6 months

Kiren has paid off $13,000 of debt (making her debt free) and saved $8000 in 6 months!

"It was great working with Parween :) She really helped me understand my relationship with money better and also helped me in understanding how to budget and why I should budget. I have left the program in a far better place in regards to my debt and savings due to the strategies Parween provided. For the first time, I actually feel like I'm not stuck in a cycle of debt and impulse buying!"


Jasmine increased her net worth by $10,000 in 12 months!

Jasmine paid off $4000 of debt and saved $6000. 

"There comes a time where sometimes you’ve just got to ask for help. This course was like therapy in a way. Parween was able to help me change my life for the better, guiding me through my journey and showing me that I can believe in myself. She puts so much care into helping others and you can tell by the quality and quantity of value you get from the lessons. 

Parween, thank you so much for everything. Through you, I was able to work on my traumas and my anxiety that came with money. I’ve learnt to build trust in myself and my decision making. You’ve helped build me a solid foundation and I am so grateful as I am growing to become a woman who is confident in herself and her future. I cannot wait to continue to share my wins!"

I am SUPER comfortable making financial plans for just about anyone. Here's a list of financial challenges/scenarios I've worked with in the past. 

good news is: you're not alone in your money struggles.

"But can you help me Parween?"

  • 9-5 income earner living on her own (with rent/expenses) or at home with minimal expenses
  • 9-5 income earners with an additional side hustle or unpredictable variable income source to budget
  • Sole proprietors and business owners who need help managing their cash flow
  • Women who work in commission roles (real estate, sales) with large lump sum payments to be budgeted
  • Contract workers with unpredictable and lengthy payment terms (affecting their budgets)
  • Joint couple's finances 
  • Women who have small, recurring debts or larger debt balances 
  • Women who have no savings or 5 figures in savings (there's always room for improvement!)

client wins


Getting my finances in order and building financial independence was the BEST thing I ever did for myself and my mental health. I grew up with restrictions on where I could go, who I could see, what I could buy - the freedom I have from having money in my bank account is something I will never take for granted. 

Next steps? Fill out and application to work with me 1:1 and we get to chat together about what you're specific money struggles are and how I can help!

bye-bye financial anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions

A financial advisor is a great resource to help you make sure that your assets are protected (house, family etc.) and can help you understand your retirement needs. A financial advisor doesn’t have the capacity however nor are paid to help you manage your day to day expenses such as identifying your spending triggers, how to build a budget that’s in alignment with your lifestyle or teach your additional financial education.  

How are you different from a financial advisor?

Absolutely - I have a 3 month payment plan, bi-weekly payment plans, or extended payment plans available. 
*Unlike other money coaches, I don't tell you to just "find" the money to work with me: I include my fee within the budget I create for you anyways so that's it's accounted for (like a bill)


Trust me, I get the irony. But… How often have you Googled free money tips and advice, only to not follow through and implement? How do you know that advice is relevant to your financial situation? I’m also a big believer in investing in experts to save us time, money and added stress.  

Why would I spend money to save money?

Nope, I’m available to anyone (no matter the racial background or gender) to be your go-to financial expert! I position myself as someone who is relatable to a specific audience because traditional financial services do not, and I believe there is a gap in the experience for WOC like me. 

Do you only service Women of colour?