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Meet Anna



Went from overspending by -$139/month to saving +$1,660/month

Completed funded her emergency fund and multiple other savings accounts

No longer impulse/overspending and being stuck in the cycle of shame/guilt with her finances

"I have no regrets after completing this program! Parween is knowledgeable, non-judgemental, and really works to lay out a curated plan that aligns with your needs." 

Went from overspending by -$2200 to saving +$750/month

$2700 in credit card debt paid off

"Before I worked with Parween, I was struggling to follow a strict budget, while trying to pay down debt, yet seeing absolutely no progress after months of effort. Parween was able to shine a non-judgemental light on my spending habits, and the root causes of my behavior.

As a daughter of immigrant parents, I really connected with Parween's messaging and felt validated by her approach."

Went from overspending by -$424 to saving $1550/month

Saved up $3500 for her emergency fund & $800 for other savings bucket 

*12 month update: $20,000 in savings and $8000 line of credit fully paid off!

"What stood out to me about working with Parween was her personality - she's very kind and considerate so it made it easy to be vulnerable and learn without judgment. I'm still applying everything she's taught me (and teaching my husband too!). She taught me it's okay to spend money on things I want for myself."

"I used to feel like I chased after money. Now I feel like it's the boss. I don’t think I would have ever felt so empowered around my financial future had I not been given the tools and resources that Parween provided."
- Lima

"Most advisors throw a budget at their clients and call it a day, but Parween takes the extra step and helps her clients understand the reason WHY they spend or save the way that they do."
- Raveen

Meet jenah


Meet Kaylin

Bought a house without financial anxiety by saving an additional $29,600 in 10 months
(high income earner)

Built $16,000 in OTHER savings to make sure she didn't end up house rich and cash poor

"I thought I was okay with my money, but Parween took me to another level. She helped me plan month over month how to save for the down payment, what other expenses I need to plan for all while still being able to spend money on myself guilt free.  I would have continued to bury my head in the sand if not for you. Thank you Parween!"

Went from overspending by -$604 to savings $1350/month!

Went from $0 in savings to $7000 (emergency fund, travel, house decor)

Paid off $5000 of debt!

"Through the coaching and guidance by Parween, I have been able to pay off my debts and actually have savings, all while still doing the things I enjoy.

The knowledge, empathy and passion Parween has, truly makes a difference.  If you are struggling with having control over your finances and are in debt, I highly recommend her!

Saving $1350/month

Paid off $2400 of credit card debt

Moved apartments in the middle of the program without incurring more debt (paid for moving expenses, deposit, furniture in cash!)

"Before her program, I had nothing to show for what I earned and I kept overspending and didn't know what I was overspending on exactly. I also felt extreme guilt from spending money. With Parween's plan, I was able to eliminate those feelings and I also now have a clear path for completely paying off my debt. 

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Meet ashley

Meet monica

Went from overspending by -$229/month to saving $1850/month

On track to save $8500 for her wedding in cash! 

"What attracted me to your program was that you grew up like me, you understand a lot of the dynamics we grew up in and why money can be traumatic or something to be scared of. This facilitated a lot of trust. 

Working with Parween was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself. Her program is such an investment. Thanks Parween!" 

Went from overspending by -$500 to savings $550/month!

Went from $0 in savings to $3800 (split between emergency fund + other savings)

"It takes an immense amount of courage and vulnerability to open up to a stranger about money trauma and the challenges you have with money management, but Parween created a safe, non-judgmental space for sharing and talking through my struggles. I am so grateful to her for helping me identify and ultimately overcome and let go of my money trauma."

Saving $3700 per month 

Paid off $3000 in credit card debt

Purchased a new car with money saved in her car fund & without anxiety

"I paid off about $3,000 in credit card debt while building about $7,000 in various savings accounts. I have a more structured approach to shopping that allows me to indulge while avoiding purchases that I might regret.

I loved working with Parween, she's personable and flexible!

My clients were hesitant and nervous to invest in themselves too: here's what they were afraid of vs. *what actually* happened after they enrolled

"My biggest fear investing in this program was the financial commitment..."

I was worried about how I was going to commit that much money when I was already struggling to make ends meet. What I found, however, as I made my way through the program, was that this wasn't just an investment in Parween's program but also an investment in myself. In the 2 months since finishing the program, I've been able to save more than what I spent on the program and feel like i am controlling my financial situation and not it controlling me.

- Jasmine

"My biggest fear was the cost of the program..."

When I realized how much it was, it felt like a huge amount to pay that would just add more to my debt. I actually didn't know if it was the right decision for me at the time but after speaking with Parween, she reassured me that the plan we would create together would account for the cost of the program and that is exactly what happened. The financial plan fits me perfectly and took care of any additional financial burden that would have been associated with the program. It was totally worth it!

- Gagan 

"My biggest fear was only learning what can be easily found on Google for free..."

But in reality, I learned so much more than I thought because Google doesn't know my needs and relationship with money. The most important thing was that Parween took the time to create a plan that worked for me, and told me what MY priorities and system with my finances needed to be. I also valued the emotional & trauma work as a POC, how to invest in myself and so much more. 

- Amer

"My biggest fear was that I would come out of the program with the same habits and not really learn anything or be able to implement it in my life."

This fear did NOT come true.  I am geniuenly shocked at my spending decisions, how I can look at my bank statements without cringing, I've saved over $3000, I have so many tools to lean on when I feel the urge to resort back to my old habits because Parween created space for us to talk about that in the program. This program was totally worth it. 


"My biggest fear was that I would have to stop living my life and be on a very restricted budget."

 I have a resistance to the word "budget" or just the thought of restricting myself. Parween really taught me that having a system with my money meant MORE space to buy things I wanted without guilt while at the same time putting money towards my debt and savings goals. I thought I couldn't do it all, but her plan for me was so well balanced I never felt deprived (I always make a Sephora order each month I don't feel guilty for it!). So Parween doesn't deprive you or shame you for spending - it's literally so tranformative what I learned! 


"My biggest fear was being judged by someone else on my finances and being told there was no real hope for my situation."

That did not come true. Parween made me feel completely comfortable disclosing my feelings and my very personal situation. She is so easy to talk with and very empathetic. She set me up with a plan for success going forward and it’s been working (paid off $3000 of my line of credit and saved $4400!). She has effected real change in my financial situation, I'm so glad I took this step for myself to get help. 



Saving $900/month 

Fully funded 3-month emergency fund, and travel fund and started saving towards a downpayment

"It felt like an older sister was teaching me about something I should have been taught. 

I feel like a lot of people may not get why the eldest daughter who is living on her own would need to worry about her parents and their money - but Parween does. 

Without this program, I honestly would still be living paycheck to paycheck and building more debt. I would have stress about how to spend my money and the feeling of being broke even though I make decent money". 

Went from living paycheck to paycheck with a constant overdraft in her chequing to saving $1200/month!

Paid for her vacation in full with cash vs. stressing about affordability 

"Over the 3 months, Parween taught me how to still enjoy spending my money without any sort of guilt. Before the program, when I used to think of a budget, I thought "no thanks" but with Parween's financial planning, I was able to put aside $2000 into an emergency fund, and put away money for my pet and myself. I no longer feel the need to go into debt in order to find money because the money was there all along but now I've learned how to manage it. I was also able to negotiate a raise, which is something I've never done before."

$14,000 in credit debt on schedule to be paid off in 18 months

$6200 saved across multiple savings accounts

"After 3 months, I had multiple savings (which I did not think was possible), and the realization that my goals in life were achievable given the right budgeting plan. The most amazing result for me was just peace and calmness - knowing that I had savings for any occurrences in my life was comforting. The plan to have my debt paid off in a certain time frame was amazing. 

I would 100% recommend Parween's services!"

meet amer



$10,000 saved in her emergency fund, $2200 of credit card debt paid off

Saving an additional $1350/month (saving up in cash for wedding expenses!)

"My biggest fear was that I would have to stop living my life and be on a very restricted budget and Parween's approach proved me wrong. I am SO glad I made the commitment to working with her, she has a personal and empathetic approach to coaching, and her program makes overwhelming topics easily digestible. But the mindset is most significant and where I know I will see lasting change."

Saving $1100/month

Paid off $1900 of credit card debt, total $5000 debt on schedule to be paid off by May 2023

"Parween built me a debt pay-off schedule where I know exactly what payments to make during the month and gave timelines of when my debt will be paid off which was such a relief, and something I just couldn't do myself. She understands the immigrant/POC perspective when it comes to money and any trauma surrounding it which gave me a safe space to be vulnerable and open about my money."

Went from overspending by -$600 to saving $1100+ each month!

Quit her 9-5 and went into her freelance business full-time because she finally had control over her finances and the confidence to say "f*** it" to her old job

"So. Many. Wins. I’m staying within my budget and not carrying overcharges on my credit card. I’m putting away money for future expenses rather than going into debt (I just paid this year’s insurance and thanks to my monthly sinking fund contributions I am already most of the way to save for next year’s bill too). I am also now proudly a freelancer which I never would have had the confidence to do before. Because I have such a deep understanding of my basic monthly budget, I can pursue contracts that help me meet my minimum."




camera shy client reviews

Meet moira



"Working with Parween was so worth it."

"Now I have a $5000 emergency fund and growing (before $0 was saved for this purpose), actively paying off my line of credit debt, actively contributing to TSFA (investments), enhanced understanding of my work benefits and pension program, all the while maintaining a normal life and a few luxuries ;) My most profound learning was developing debt resilience and that has been everything for my mental health."

"Worth the investment if you are motivated and trusting in the process." 

"In three short months, I was able to completely shift my approach to building debt resilience - helping me to end the vicious cycle of paying off debt only to take on new debt shortly after. The program itself is easy to follow, the videos are informative, and reflections are useful. I negotiated all of my bills, no longer pay banking fees, have a savings and debt repayment plan that works for me, and feeling a lot more confident and empowered for the path ahead. Thank you, Parween!"

"Do it. It feel intimidating at first but it is so worth it in the end."

"Parween is the most understanding and compassionate person I have ever met. She is honest, she is encouraging and she made me feel like we were a team. She helped me become financially literate, and helped me navigate the emotional trauma around money I had accumulated over the years, and without her, I wouldn't be on track to living debt-free."

"I genuinely can't believe how much I was overspending by each month"

"I absolutely loved working with Parween. She taught me to be empathetic towards myself and accountable. Meaning being kinder to myself and my situations while also holding myself accountable. Her being so understanding helped me to be completely transparent and get the results I was looking for. I no longer overspend by £1,500 each month and instead am saving intentionally!"

"What stood out to me most about working with Parween is that she really caters to your lived experience and honors that!"

"I paid off $1000+ in debt, set up a plan where I'm not OVERSPENDING, have money set aside for my vacation in the spring, and changed my mindset from scarcity to agency!

Parween taught me so much about how to make my money work for me and helped me heal intergenerational patterns of a scarcity mindset, impulsive spending, and living off of debt. Together we came up with a spending plan that gives me flexibility in my life while making me more debt resilient."

"Parween's coaching program not only helped me take a deeper assessment of my current financial situation, but it also helped me in becoming aware of my spending patterns, emotional obligations, and how I developed the current relationship I have with money throughout my entire life."

"After learning my own patterns, I felt more empowered about my financial future, and that helped me make better plans for all the small and large-scale goals I wanted to fulfill. I now have tools, plans, and independence to not only retain my financial freedom, but also to contribute towards my retiring parents, and have resources to take vacations and enjoy life without constant worries."




"Parween was non-judgmental and very supportive. There are times we were able to laugh and even got emotional support through the hard moments when looking at numbers."

"I now have saved almost $2000 for an emergency fund. I have paid down about $1000 in card debt. I actually think about my spending choices now. It's become fun to see how much I can stay within my parameters. I am glad I took this step to take control of finances with Parween. I am actually excited to see my progress whereas before it would be depressing to look at my finances. It's really nice to feel like someone is in your corner. I know I will always be checking in with her for every phase!"

"The investment is worth it and Parween even helps figure out how to help with the fees as part of the plan."

"All of my credit cards are paid off, built a great credit score, support shifting my scarcity mindset that was rooted in money trauma, and I now have hope for the future. Parween truly wants to help and work with POC women to change their money narratives, fears, and shame around money."

"I am finally able to treat myself without feeling guilty of spending money on myself, and am able to allocate money to my saving goals and paying off my debt effectively."

"I learned the importance of a emergency fund and have officially built it up to $1000 dollars. 

Working with Parween was absolutely transformative. The structure of this course really gave me a well rounded understanding of my finances. I feel like I have never heard working through money trauma before and that's what initially drew me to the course and I was not disappointed. This course provides you with a step by step process to understand both your finances and your habits."


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