"What if I lose my money?"
"Isn't investing SUPER risky?"
"I want to invest, but I don't want to be too hands on"

I know investing is an overwhelming topic, this workshop breaks down exactly what you need to know to start investing strategically as a beginner. 

*And I cover myth's about the stock market, how to manage your emotions while investing and my 5 step investing process!*

Your step by step beginner's guide

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How to start investing - $99

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You're making a good income, but somehow you're spending away most of your paycheck vs. having something to show for it in your bank account.

We need to understand WHY you're spending because the answer isn’t just about numbers or telling yourself NO all the time.

This workshop is going to give you six *specific* strategies to implement to actually stop yourself from making impulsive purchases and spending your entire paycheck. 

While still being able to spend on things you DO want without feeling guilty. 

Do you get to the end of the month & wonder "where the hell did my money go?"

How to stop overspending

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This isn't like the budget's you've seen online.

No this isn't a 50-30-20 budget, or Zero-based budget or one where you have to budget 8 different categories of spending (like $15 for retail, and $88 for eating out)

This is my custom, paycheck by paycheck budgeting system, complete with the pre-budget work of understanding your income, expenses and spending patterns to help you build a realistic budget.

"Know your numbers" sheet: understand how much of your income is going towards fixed expenses each month 

"Where did your money go?" sheet: a financial audit on how much you've ACTUALLY been spending on things like eating out, personal care, services, shopping etc. 

"Strategic Spending Plan" sheet: the paycheck by paycheck budgeting template

budgeting template